flag 1 Flag is, a country, an institution, an organization or a community representative usually made of fabric and an object hanging from a pole.

Flag Manufacture

Flag CompanyFlag Manufacture; Flag Manufacture producing and marketing the products produced by marketing prosesing company manufacture producing customer pleasure and sağlayan any material its own structure producing person name is Flag Manufacture

Flag Manufacturing

bayrak üretimiProduction of Flag past over 20 years time as the industry leader olan corporation, with the latest technology machinery to fast and high quality service with cheap and quality at your service.

Flag Sale

bayrak satışıTurkish Flag, all world flags and special of your company all kinds of flag for contact on telephone and email adress. Wholesale and retail sale for call us.

Order the Flag

bayrak siparişiFor ordering the flags please contact our customer support lines.Your orders the approval stage from the cargo delivery much continuous supervision and under the control.

Made the Flags

bayrak yapımıMade of the fag, economical and quality production with a leading company Albayrak Flag technological evolution keep the forefront.Automated integrated facilities 24-hour able to serve.

Flags İmages

Fluctuating Flag

dalgalanan bayrak



Flag And Atatürk

bayrak ve atatürk

moving Flag

We do manufacture and sell flag products; Swallow flag, Pennant, Flag of authority, Turkish Flag, Poster, desk flag, all world country flags, beach flag,Flagstaff...

The Flag of a country, as much as a nation , is no longer multiple fields the sanctity of recogrized we see that the symbol.Flags ,military,political and cultural fields upto use now big association of institutions and organizations have flags and pennants. In the commercial sense the flag now great feature has gained.Flag sector no limited to only country flags.Is now flag at the same time a sign of prestige.

Flag Manufacturing, production and sale: Our company is flag manufacture and sale as the lead organization for many years.Albayrak Flag as; candidate posters Turkish Flag Pennant, Swallow flag manufacture and economic price for your service. Albayrak Flag gives you bulk and retail services. Please contact us and enjoy the cheap flag.


FLAG MANUFACTURİNG : Our company has a modern plant in the flag industry since 1985, production the flag %45 alone meets in Turkey.Flag production to manufacturing of flag all dimesions and sizes Turkish Flag , pennant, poster of Ataturk unlimited color and motif digital printing, party flags, election flags, team flags the swallow flag desk flag, the condidate pictures and any size Turkish Flag production and to sale continues its activities. While producing of flag for indoor and outdoor, weater conditions of the region dyes used in do not flow and fading basic principles.

SALE FLAG: Marketing our network, up to sales office all team responds to the needs of customers. Pre-sales and afer-sales in constant contact with our customers and keep our customers at the forefront of prohibition.

Flag Manufacturing, production and sale : Our company is the manufacture and sale of the flag serves as the lead organization for many years. In Albayrak Flag;party flags, election flags, team flags the swallow flag desk flag, the condidate pictures and any size Turkish Flag production and to sale continues its activities.

Albayrak gives you the wholesale and retail services.Please contact us, enjoy cheap budget flag.


Wholesale flag order : Bulk flag your demands our company implement economical price for you. When you order wholesale flag our company allows you to profit.

Economic Flag Company: Economic flag to be able to manufacture in advance related materials must be made in stock. We as Albayrak and just working towards your wishes. Without compromissing our quality we offer our customer for economic prices flag. We habe the most economic prices, including all kinds of flag...


Pennant Flags:Special designs are made with the flag is called.Pennant flags for the price and production information, please contact with our company.

Parti Bayrağı: Due to the upcoming elections and the party began to offer big discount flags, flags order now and Save. Do not miss the discount campaign launched by our company is a leader in the manufacture of the flag.

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Flag Products

Flag Order Hotline

Flag order hotline

Beach flags, started discount great! Contact us now cheaper fishing flag while not compromising on quality! ...

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